The whole strain Pollin is based on “De Vooruit”.

“De Vooruit” 31.64.477/77 was bought by Marc in 1977 on a sale by Vondelinck-Delaleeuw from Beerst.



“De Vooruit” go's back to the strain Florizoone x Van Hee (Stichelbaut).

His former owner only played this pigeon on short distances.

He was as fanatic flyer on short distances .


It wasn't untill Marc Pollin started breeding with “De Vooruit” that he showed his quality's.

He is a father, grandfather, great grandfather, ... toppigeon of generations.

Both by Marc as many other colleagues .



A review :


Direct sons :


De Montauban” 33.82.432/89




Won o.a.         Montauban nat.                5/5.335

                        Montauban nat.              20/6.814

                        Montauban nat.              27/6.721

                        Montauban nat.            353/5.475

                        Brive nat.                     150/23.475

                        Cahors nat.                  298/7.781



some sons :  “De Tours” 009/82, “De Kleine Poitiers” 897/85, “De Roste Poitiers” 104/85, “De Kikker” 012/87,…


Some grandchildren :


De Tony” (son Montauban)



De Jacky” (son Montauban)




De Rikkie” (son “De Roste Poitiers”)




A further list of great-grandchildren and we will remember.

Providing great exception of "The Olympiad Raymond"






Founder of half baseline is "The Perpignan" 31.15.187/89

National and international winner of Perpignan 1994.


"The Perpignan" goes back to the famous "Super Crack Crusson" of R. Venus.







"The Perpignan can be called without a doubt the best of his generation Perpignan-flyers".

He won 5 times internationally Perpignan:

1990    144/10.444 (as seadling!)

1991      96/13.573

1992      90/17.335

1993    677/18.447

1994        1/14.383


He also won many prices on shorter flights ( see list)


One of Perpignan sons was “de jonge Dax”:




Especialy the combination “De Perpignan” (“doughter Perpignan”) x  Marc en Gerard Santens (Oudenaarde) (“De Rubex”) was a great succes:

from this combination came :


Gerardje 196/99  (see toppigeons)

Markus 960/02 (see toppigeons)

nestbrother Markus 959/02 - 2de nat. Brive




Another grandson of the Perpignan  is “Den As



And he is on his turn the father of “Mortifer” (zie topduiven)



In other words : the loft Marc Pollin has grown from these two basic varieties with a series toppigeons from others lofts.