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Debusschere Lionel


Source: http://www.pipa.be/artikelsnew/jacques/debusschere6jac.htm


The "3046344/06": 1st prov asduif KBDB W-Vl. fond boy

This blue cock has the pedigree:
Father: 3005364/02 (direct Marc Pollin)
GV: 3051016/01
GM: "Daughter geschelpt Poitiers" 3011004/99
Mother: 3070222/04
GV: "Spartakus: 3157070/97 (rechtstr. G. Vandenabeele)
1257d Blois 54th - 74th Chateauroux 8138d - 47th Tours 1257d etc ...
GM: "Roosje: 3100243/99
(Daughter of the "Judas" 1st Clermont - 3 x 1st Chartres, etc ...)

Below the results of the "344/06"
18 / 6: the 57th Clermont 458d
1 / 7: The 73rd Orleans 675d
8 / 7: 7th Blois 350d and prov 87th on 2525d
15 / 7: 2nd Blois 263d
29 / 7: the 10th Bourges 302d, prov the 78th against 2286d, national 3286th against 26984d
12 / 8: 17th Argenton 136d, 168th on 1524d provincial and national 2405th against 14534d
19 / 8: the 36th La Souterraine 158d, 484th on the provincial and national 1605d the 3,201th on 13965d.



                     From Zwevegem


1st Prize local doubling ANGOULEME Old 08 June 2008

with pigeon 3056002/05

Fond Club 'The Faithful Duif - Avelgem' for the tandem Boone Gerard and Geert Zwevegem from the favorite place for basketing of their pigeons on the flights on the line Tours - Poitiers - Angoulême.

For the classic Angoulême ,five pigeons, and the first pigeon entered the "Dark geschelpt 'ringing 05/3056002 flew at a speed of 1010.48 meters per minute to the first place.

The dark cock's father 301/00 (Blue Peter) from Denijs Henry also Zwevegem and mother 261/02 (geschelpt Tony) a beauty of a culture from the hen superhok Marc Pollin from Snellegem.

This three year old pigeon was never played as a young pigeons. Good learning is the message. In his first year, his best result a 8th place against 116 pigeons regional, provincial 88/1179 from Poitiers on July 29, 2006. In 2007, this pigeon flies a first place in Heidelberg in the local doubling, representing a 35 th place provincial.

  In 2008, the prize back in the local doubling to 136 now from Angoulême ingekorfde pigeons (23 th place in 2070 at provincial pigeons).

Given the form ,Gerard and Geert this pigeon again in 2008, now at Narbonne. It proved to be a good move.

The 002 flies 8 / 199 regional, provincial 60/1137 and 159/6801 national.

It is a real winner with a bright future.

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