Marc has about 20 breeding flocks, some in individual boxes culture.
Together with the widowers (approximately 100) are pared by the end of November.
All pigeons have two youngsters.
The breeding pigeons go on with breading, while the widowers are separated in due time.

At the end of March, the widowers get their partners back and along with the eggs.
During this reproduction, the cocks is trained.

Every morning around 7:00 am. the windows open and the pigeons are trained. The windows are closed and the cleaning can begin. After an hour the pigeons are called back in.
This procedure is repeated between 18.00hrs. and 19:00.

There are no separate cages for yearlings and old pigeons. Everything is together.
Due to the high number of widowers no female pigeons are shown before flight departure..

The youngsters are darkened from March to end May
The youngsters are trained and the majority of them do Tours flights,while others do national flights.


The power system simple but effective.
At the beginning of the season always wide scheme. Then switch over to sports-grain cereal mix and blend.
All of the company Versele-Laga (+ logo)

Medical / health

The young pigeons are inoculated against paratyphoid.
In the old birds, it is only on the trichomonas to suppress and to intervene where necessary.

As a by-product, we are already years and great satisfaction Kaucabam (+ logo)
Kaucabam is a 100% natural health product tailored to the pigeons. Kaucabam works for the health of the pigeon so that it can provide a stronger immunity against diseases / ailments.
Prevention rather than cure.
Another way of thinking with regard to health (sproblemen) in pigeons, but very effective!