The Pollin family





Daily monitoring of the pigeons, and all the practical tasks that come with the job .

During the summer, and the not inconsiderable tasks like basketing, the introduction of the electronic registration system and to discuss the flight with friends in the room.





As an accomplished accountant, she catalogs all the numerical information. Of each individual pigeon as well of the overall performance (results management).

The calculation of the championships after the season is a task that takes a lot effort.But is olso a lot of fun.



Geert: son of Marc en Diana.


Updates the State of the pedigree's / trees, compiling pricelist for each pigeon, the website updates, maintenance and external contacts.



Samran Plongsai: wife of Geert


She is learning the pigeon buisiness as well as the dutch language, keeps contact with our asian friends




Julia “Moeke” (mother of Marc).


"Julia does it all " in terms of practical day-to-day maintenance of the pigeons (too many to enumerate).